The Momentum Challenge

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  • Get Instant Access + take The Momentum Assessment
  • Discover the blocks around declaring your role as an authority
  • Overcome the biggest mindset hurdle every online coach must conquer to succeed
  • ​Create your Momentum Mind Map to unlock your untapped lead pool
  • ​Develop your Ultimate Momentum Action Plan to get your next 5-10 online clients
  • ​Learn our secret that will allow you to tap into unlimited confidence and move forward faster than ever before
  • ​Get access to the Online Coaches Building Momentum Community

What People Are Saying...

"Laura and Landon's Momentum Challenge is a great challenge for coaches looking to better understand their online business and how they can lay a foundation to be successful. The thing I found the most beneficial, was that it allowed me to identify resources and potential clients that currently existed in my life, and gave me confidence to take action rather than become paralyzed by overwhelm. This challenge does not take a lot of time to complete, but the takeaways are extremely valuable. Laura and Landon also made themselves available at the end of the challenge to answer questions and talk business - highly recommend this to any online coach!!!"
-Robyn Stewart, Nutrition Coach & Gym Owner
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