Attention Nutrition Coaches & Personal Trainers
Finally, A Proven Process That Spoon-Feeds You EXACTLY How To Shift Your Coaching Business Completely Online & Crush Your First 10K Month - All In Less Than 5 Hours A Week
(This works even without a massive following or spending the rest of your life married to your iPhone)
We’re so excited that you’re ready to shift your coaching business online so that you can impact so many more people with your gift!
Lezz be honest, though...
You also wanna feel alive again, free to travel the world, do the things you want and not be a prisoner to your soul-sucking schedule.
I feel this.
Don’t get me wrong, I know that you love your clients and you would totally coach them for free if you could...

(like..if someone sponsored your Starbucks habit and funded all the dreamy travel plans you have pinned on your overflowing vision board, amiright?)
You have a slow drip of leads coming in...mostly from referrals or when your mom gushes about you in her book club (thanks, mom)
But when Uncle Al asks you at Christmas how business is still have a hard time choking out the words.
You wish you could scream from the top of your lungs: 
But you know you’ve only just been dabbling.
You haven’t fully committed to the online thing.
The that you really do want to, but you just don’t know where to start.
And if you’re getting really real?
You also know that’s just a bullshit story you keep telling yourself…
Because you’re scared shitless to start.
Because the online thing is uncertain, unpredictable, and really, really overwhelming.
Because if you just try a few things here and there, maybe something will “take” and then “that will be your sign to go all in!”
But the sign you’ve been waiting for, has never appeared.
And you’re getting tired…
Tired of guru’s telling you to DM random strangers on Instagram about their cute babies and weird hairless cats in an effort to start a conversation and then by some miracle you’re supposed to ask them about their weight-loss goals without sounding like a total creepazoid.
Tired of trying to keep up with Influencer Amy and all of her “super duper helpful photo editing suggestions” (iow: you can’t understand why every time you try to get “creative” with your pics you end up editing yourself into an oompa loompa)
Tired of waiting for your entire life to change when you can consistently hit a 5K month and you don’t want to throw up every time you have to check your savings account to make sure when rent comes out you’re not going to have to dip into the canned tuna stash you stocked your pantry with when you decided to take a shot at this online know...just in case.
Tired of taking screenshots of every meme you come across that makes you feel POWERFUL AF, but never truly believing those words are describing YOU. There’s always this little voice you come back to that keeps you rooted firmly in your suckypants “reality”
Tired of waking up to the same predictable, comfortable soul-sucking schedule that has been keeping you small and safe for way too long...collecting your paycheque from someone else, requesting time off from someone else and all the while knowing that your life COULD look so much different...
But you’re finally ready.
Ready to change that reality.
Ready to believe in yourself.
Ready to finally get your online business set up properly.
With all the fancy schmancy systems and marketing tactics and messaging and offers and avatars and cute instagram bios and everything that EVERYONE ELSE seems to have figured out…
That you haven’t got a single clue about.
But before you can truly be a successful online coach and earn the right to step into a life where you are fully self-made and free...there are 3 Stages you and your business must evolve through.
Without these 3 stages, your business will be built on a house of cards.

And YOU will never mentally be able to sustain the success you’ll create for long enough to truly enjoy it the way you are meant to.
You will get caught in a hamster wheel of hustle and burnout.
Never feeling like you can take your foot off the gas or you will lose everything you worked so hard to create.
THIS isn’t true freedom, friend.
We lived this, too, ya know.

Never stopping or breathing for long enough to risk it all slipping through our fingers...
But we figured it out.
How to grow an online business without marrying your iPhone.
How important your mindset is to the whole process, even in the beginning.
And the EXACT steps every coach needs to take to truly “make it” online in the changing climate of our online business culture of today.
It’s easier than you think…
...once you strip away all the BS you’ve been told is important (it's really not) and you get clear on EXACTLY what you need to focus on to build massive momentum in your life.
Here... Let me show you how
We’re Landon and Laura Poburan, and the first thing we want you to know is that we aren’t just some random business coaches. We are YOU, just 10 steps ahead of you. Everything you’re feeling, we have lived and breathed baby!
We started as humble personal trainers, just as many of you reading this likely did as well. We opened our own private studio in 2013 and made our very first big business investment of 10K to get things off the ground that monumental year.
This was the first time we put money on the table and chose to believe in our dreams. We went all in on US, the movement we wanted to bring to our city, and the community we knew we would build.
And build it we did.
Over the next 4 years we grew as big as we could have just the two of us. But in 2016 we came to a crossroads, as many entrepreneurs do, where the next step of growth meant taking another big risk on us.
Swept up in appearances, status, ego, and what we believed our dreams were at the time...we took out a half million dollar loan to expand into a gym 4x the size and hand picked the Creme De La Creme of equipment.
Less than a year later burnt out, unhappy, unfulfilled and lost...we closed our doors.
Took on 100K of debt.
And moved to Bali.

(just kidding, but I did hide under a rock for a little while)
In the time between admitting that “this is not what I want anymore” and officially closing our gym doors...we had begun to step into our future without even realizing it.
I started taking nutrition clients online as my first official move of escaping our current reality...and there it was...from the ashes of the biggest business decision of our up a dream, a community, and a team...emerged more fulfillment and freedom than I ever knew could be possible for us.
In less than 6 months I had built a 6 figure coaching business.
And in less than 6 weeks once Landon joined me online, he did the same.
We didn’t just “wake up” to TWO 6 figure coaching businesses...
  • We had to make a butt-tonne of mistakes...
  • We had to hustle for it and grind more than I would have liked...
  • We had to take a million risks...
  • Invest 100’s of thousands of dollars into Mentors and courses and programs...and then we had to piece it all together ourselves...
Everything we knew about business.
Everything we learned about life.
Distilled it down into a simple, repeatable, proven method.
The method that I want to give to you.
So that you don’t get lost.
Or feel overwhelmed.
Or cry in the bread aisle of Costco on a Tuesday night because you have NO F’ING CLUE WHAT YOU’RE EVEN DOING

(yup, that actually happened...)
...Or have a panic attack in Starbucks every Sunday during your weekly planning session because “THIS IS NEVER GOING TO WORK YOU’RE GOING TO BE BROKE FOREVER” (also happened...)
What I know now is that I had everything I needed all along.
Everything I went through,
All of the money I lost,
All of the mistakes I made,
All of the tears I cried,
Was meant to give me what I needed to show you that YOU have everything you need, too.
But that you don’t have to do this alone.
And you don’t have to make a million mistakes,
Or spend 100s of thousands of dollars,
Or waste the next 10 years,
Figuring that out.
So, I gotta ask…
Which voice are you going to listen to?
The one that has been chirping you for years, keeping one foot in the comfort of your current reality, telling you there’s no way your life could EVER turn out THAT great...or be THAT big...
Or the one that’s a dreamer. The one who’s a get-shit-done go all-out badass f’ing entrepreneur who is just waaaaiting to jump all in on yourself?
Your answer to this question is vital to your success as an online coach.
I know which voice you WANT to listen to...which is why we have put together this step-by-step system to take you through the entire process in under 90 days in such a simplistic, easy to follow way that we make it feel like you are literally getting spoon-fed your action steps week after week.
Pushing you into messy action.
Forgetting about every fear that has ever held you back.
We’re in the business of stacking wins, one on top of the other, until you generate the kind of momentum that will continue to push you forward long after the 90 days we spend together are over.
And the confidence that will guarantee you never end up back where you are right now. Ever. Again.
That’s a promise.
After these next 90 days, your life will be changed forever.
You will be a different person, a better coach.
And an entirely reborn entrepreneur.
My turn for some real talk, friend.
Here’s what you absolutely do NOT need…
  • You don’t need another course that sets up camp in your inbox
  • You don’t need the opinion of your bestie who doesn’t have a single risk-taking bone in her body
  • You don’t need to know what your ultimate life “purpose” is, or how to “align your mission to the universe” (you just wanna be happy and make a little bank, amiright?)
  • ​You DO NAHT need all of those blog articles you have open on your desktop that you’re going to read and make notes on and feel super productive for about 10 seconds followed by a panic attack when you realize you have no clue how to actually DO any of the things the gurus are saying are super duper important
  • ​You absolutely do NOT need to stay up at night worrying about what everyone is going to say at Christmas this year when you tell Aunt Peggy that YES you decided to go ALL-IN on your super uncertain, unpredictable dream that no one who was born before 1985 really understands
  • ​You do NOT need to worry about how many followers you have, how many times you should be posting, how to edit your photos, how to write a captivating caption and what a “marketing campaign” looks like…
  • You don’t need to worry about not having the time to take this on right now. Sure, this is big! But here’s the truth.This journey is yours and it can look however it needs to within your time boundaries...time is abundant and you have more than you think you do (you’re just wasting it doing things that don’t matter and worrying about stuff that you can’t control)
To setup and grow an online business all you need is
You need to take MESSY ACTION on that next step.
And then you need to take the step after that.
Without getting lost inside of fear, overwhelm, perfectionism, imposter syndrome and comparison.

Without obsessing over the big picture that you have very little control over.

And without getting super stuck in consumption mode without ever DOING the shit that is ultimately going to move your forward.
This, at its very root, is what The Momentum Lab was designed for. We are on a mission to help every new online coach get their business off the ground and growing steadily without EVER feeling paralyzed by what to do next.
We want you to be able to just follow the method, and get the results.
The Momentum Lab isn’t just a “throw spaghetti at the wall and see what sticks” kind of program. Instead, it delivers a structured framework to follow, with plug-and-play templates, checklists and worksheets that will save you MONTHS of screwing around in Google Sheets trying to do it yourself.
It’s the step-by-step messaging, positioning and marketing processes you need in order to find your voice, create an incredible offer and sell yourself without ever feeling like a needy weirdo in the dm’s again.
But besides all of that, we tell you when and how to execute each and every step and strategy along the that by the end not only do you have a rock solid business foundation, your client delivery is on point, you know (and actually understand) your business metrics, you speak to your ideal clients effortlessly in your content, and you have the confidence to pull marketing campaigns out of your back pocket to turn on a flow of leads whenever you wish.
But like I said, the magic of The Momentum Lab is in how it delivers you the perfect next step, at the perfect time to keep you laser focused and moving forward exactly as you should be.
All you have to do is stop trying to control the process (aka turn off your perfectionist type A over-analytical mind), and trust us.
We’ve got you.
A Look Inside...
The Momentum Lab Curriculum
We put together over 14 hours of trainings for you to help you evolve you and your business each day using our 3 Stage FAME Method.
From positioning yourself as an authority to your creating brand generating attention (becoming known) monetizing your business through connections, conversations, and creating a movement…
To overcoming your limiting beliefs, establishing confidence in your unique abilities and what you bring to the world. You’ll learn to truly love what you do which will allow you to work from a place of abundance and leave scarcity behind.
We took our years and years of combined experience of running businesses and helping Coaches shift and thrive online…
And put it into compact lessons (videos & audio) delivered to you for 12 weeks...
In less than 5 hours a week we’re allowing you to build momentum, every single day...
Now, this is really special.
If you don’t know that much about both of us…
The lowest investment for our programs are typically over 5-figures.
Thing is…
When we created The Momentum Lab, we wanted to help any coach who was craving true freedom working for themselves online and loving what they do every single day…from the already 6+ figure business owners to those just beginning.
Inside the 90 day program, you go through the 3 Stages of The FAME Method for Online Coaches…
But here's where it gets cool...
You're not going to implement EVERY strategy out there for each of the three stages. You're actually learning the no fluff, streamlined, simplified and CLEAR path to get exactly where YOU want to go…
We know how it feels to get a tonne of info thrown at you with no idea how to apply it to your life or business…& we vowed that this would NOT BE that.
The first stage?
We’re starting with the foundation--laying the groundwork upon which everything else *must* be built (psst most online coaches miss this phase entirely! It’s actually really quite crazy).
This encapsulates structured planning of where you are going and clarity around what you want to achieve from both a business and personal standpoint to create a business that supports your life.
You’ll learn how to structure your morning, your day and week to support what you are building.
You’ll be more focused and productive than ever before through the foundational systems and processes we’ll get set-up inside of your business for everything from on-boarding new clients and working with them efficiently, to tracking important business metrics, conversion rates, leads and more.
Then finally we’ll establish your ideal client and craft your message, your offers, your pricing, and establish an understanding of the importance of customer experience and delivering what your specific clients really want as the foundation to making every sale.
Basically this is a game-changing first month to filling all the holes you didn’t even know you had in your online coaching business so that every strategy and tactic you use moving forward will ACTUALLY help you to generate momentum (and money!) without just spinning out 😊
Then comes Stage 2 of the program:
This stage is all about establishing yourself further as an authority by creating brand awareness, generating attention (becoming known) and monetizing your business through connections, conversations, and creating a movement.
You’ll learn to:
Supercharge your content with storytelling, human connection and a content strategy that actually builds authority and generates clients.
Discover how to scale your publishing efforts once your business is flourishing.
Implement the most powerful and effective marketing campaigns for rapid fire client acquisition and repeatable and predictable cash flow.
Truth is, the more messy action you take, the more confident you will be to continue to build momentum which means more opportunity to create more income--which then takes things full circle and opens the cycle of more freedom and resources to do even more fun things in your business (and life!)
You probably figured it out by now--the more focused you become early on, the more everything grows in your business (bank account included).
And then lastly, the third Stage of the program is where most online coaches completely miss the boat.
They either wait entirely too long to implement the teachings of this stage...or they never wake up to the fact that THIS is the single biggest reason why they just can’t seem to ever get to that next level.
Why things just don’t ever seem to work for THEM, when everyone else appears to be thriving.
Why success always feels just out of grasp.
The confidence you desire is already inside of you waiting to be unleashed. This stage is all about achieving a feeling of mastery in your business, life and mindset. We want to achieve a state of being continuously in motion, creating momentum and taking action.
You’ll finally believe in the power of your true self, find your authentic voice, and turn your fears into jet-fuel that will propel you forward into a whole new business – and life. Not only that, you’ll discover your unique advantage and how to leverage it for more fulfillment, authentic connection, and profit.
Your business is only as strong as your mind, and the true secret to your success is not in strategy, but in your mental resilience. Unlock the power of your mind to overcome self-doubt, disintegrate money blocks, embrace fear and failure, and open yourself up to a happier, more abundant life.
Ultimately, in The Momentum Lab we believe that success without happiness is the ultimate form of failure. In Stack 3 you will be pushed to embrace vulnerability and discover where you need to give yourself permission to feel uncomfortable in order to grow.
Now technically, there is a FOURTH Stage to the FAME Method. We’ve covered F-A-M...but the E stands for EXECUTION - and THIS is the secret sauce. Its what we teach you to implement in YOUR own unique way throughout the entire 90 days together.
Because as you well know, knowledge without actually doing anything gets you...literally nowhere.
Or else you’d already be crushing it, living your best life on the beaches of Bali with a never ending flow of leads streaming to you every single month funding your bank account so you never run out of fancy Acai Bowl cash.
Plus, You’ll Get...
The Kind Of Support And Accountability That Makes You Feel Unstoppable 
Intensive 6-Figure Business Assessment
reviewed by both Laura and Landon to give you your overall strategy and direction for achieving your goals.
60-Minute Strategy Call with both Laura and Landon to plan your Strategy over the next 90 Days
this is an intensive phone call that will be customized to your unique business and goals providing you a step-by-step framework to be able to execute in the next 90 days and beyond.
12 Group Momentum Coaching Calls over the 90 Days
each a min. of 60-90 minutes that is going through answering all of your questions, along with specific hot-seats, allowing you to create exponential growth.
Private Facebook Community & Messenger Chat Room
allowing you to intimately connect with others who are implementing the method, learning from their process and being able to have a safe and supportive environment to get advice.
We literally thought to ourselves “what can we develop that will make failure virtually impossible…” and then we built that.
To bulletproof your success, here’s the super awesome bonuses you’ll get access to as well when you sign up for the full 90 days…
Your Super Awesome Bonuses
Here's a recap of all of the bonuses you'll receive when you sign up!
  • Success Tracker & Built-in Accountability Checks
  • ​Countless Swipe Files, Worksheets and Homework: to guide your learning process and help you take messy action instead of getting caught in consumption mode
  • ​All Your Business Systems + Templates: provided to you ready to implement
  • ​Client Application, Training, Documentation & Check-in Templates
  • Sample Contracts & Sales Scripts
  • ​Rapid Fire Client Acquisition Strategies
  • 90-Day Marketing Warplan
  • ​Future Upgrades & Bonus Masterclasses
💥 Lifetime Access 💥
14 Day Money Back Guarantee
If The Momentum Lab doesn't give you the tools build a successful online coaching business...
If you implement everything we show you and you don't see a change in your business or mindset, then we will personally refund all of your money. No questions asked.
If you’re considering enrolling in The Momentum Lab and you’re not sure that this will work for you (you think you’ve possibly done programs like this before), answer this question:
In the last many times did you *honestly* feel discouraged, questioned what you were doing and if it was the right thing, or at times felt extremely overwhelmed, scared and judged yourself?
If you have momentum of any kind in your business--the answer to this question is probably: "A butt-tonne."
Every day that goes by you have around 60,0000 thoughts.
And, a lot of ^ those are fear/anxiety/stress thoughts if you’re an entrepreneur.
That’s why we created The Momentum Lab the way we did because when we asked ourselves the question...
"How often do coaches shifting online need support with their business?"

The answer was: EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Receiving support from people who have been there and done that is simply the wisest and most efficient path to success.
We’re excited to support you inside the program so you can have daily doses of motivation, clarity and support to keep you going on this wild journey.
You have people who want to support you, who GET you, and who understand the deep things you’re thinking about each day that may be driving you crazy.
From deep personal marketing… to sales… to confidence… to delivery…
We’ve seen it all.
We’ve done it all ourselves.
We’ve got the scars to show it… ;)
So the only question is…
Are you ready to really grow your business?
We did this so that it could be accessible to anyone.
And because it’s not a course where you need to study for 50 hours…
Coaches see results right away…

Because when you aren’t stuck in the hamster wheel of uncertainty, fear, overwhelm and perfectionism take MESSY ACTION.
Messy action generates momentum.
Momentum generates results.
Results generates confidence.
Confidence generates focus.
And the cycle repeats itself.
So if you’re ready to create the type of life we know you have pinned up on that vision board...
If you’re ready to up-level your business in every way and truly step into the role of leading your industry, owning your voice and creating a movement behind your message...
We’re here for you. We believe in you.
& We'd love to have you join us.
You’ve Got Questions? As You Should! Here’s Some Answers…
Question: What if I can’t afford it but I really, really want to get started?
Answer: I understand that feeling well, of wanting to invest in your future but dealing with the constant weight of financial insecurity month to month. I also remember the first time I invested money I didn’t think I had in a mentor, it was the scariest thing I ever did. But it was also the biggest turning point for me in the trajectory of your life. So I guess the question becomes, what’s the cost of NOT investing today and continuing on as you have been?
Question: I’m just not sure that this will work for ME...I’ve done programs like this before and nothing has worked...
Answer: Even if you feel you’ve done programs like this before and you weren’t able to see results from them, there are three major differences between our program and the one you likely did. First, the Mastery section is going to arm you with the personal development tools that you were missing before to be in a position where you were READY to take the type of action that would bring you to the results you were searching for. This is the MOST underrated part of entrepreneurship, and so we made this a priority in our program. Second, many programs out there are generic for the online coach, ours is SPECIFIC for the coach who is looking to pivot online. So although you have done online business programs before, likely you will see far greater benefit from ours as its designed for you exactly. And third, you are more supported because you have access to BOTH Landon and myself, as well as an extremely engaged community of coaches who are and were exactly where you are now. There’s so much power in being surrounded by people who know exactly how you feel in all circumstances, and so we wanted to make sure that was available to you.
Question: I don’t like the idea of group coaching, I’m scared to just feel like another number and get lost in the mix
Answer: I understand that, totally. I didn’t like group coaching either with a couple of my first mentors. But our program isn’t actually group coaching. The program is designed to be more like a playbook, so the strategies YOU implement into your business and the ones other coaches implement will not be identical. We provide a 1:1 strategy call with both Landon and myself at the 60 day mark as you finish off the Authority section to give you full clarity around which strategies will be BEST for you and your business moving forward. The group support calls are structured in a way where you feel fully heard and supported as well, and not lost in the mix.
Question: If I don’t really think I need to work on my mindset, do I need to do the last Stage?
Answer: This is a common belief with a lot of coaches, however as you will one day realize is that the success or failure beyond a certain level is ENTIRELY based on your mindset...this is the biggest block to achieving true financial freedom as you learn to overcome failure, slow down and leave the “hustle” mentality behind, and the challenges you are faced with at every level of your journey to the top. Building a resilient mindset now is the biggest gift I could give you, and honestly this alone, without any strategy at all, would likely get you further in your business right now.
Question: I’m scared that I just don’t have the time to commit right now...I dont’ want to invest and then not take action, fail or waste my money on another course that got me nowhere
Answer: I used to feel this way too, I understand where you’re coming from. But there’s a really good chance that you’re likely wasting a whole bunch of time doing a whole lot of things you don’t need to be doing or shouldn’t be focusing on right now, and that with some systems and strategies in place you will actually be able to get more done in LESS time. How would that feel?
Question: Are you just going to tell me to do all the same strategies I’ve already read about and been told to do online by other business coaches and instagram accounts? I’ve done all that stuff and it’s never worked for me...
Answer: I’m not sure what you have read or listened to. There’s a whole lot of great advice from really amazing mentors out there that anyone can access for free right now. It's amazing! BUT the problem with this is that we end up trying to Frankenstein together a plan with all the best strategies from all the best the completely wrong times or before we are ready for them. So they fall flat leaving us burnt out and frustrated that nothing ever seems to work for us. The Momentum Lab walks you through the FAME method, which was designed specifically to help a coach shift online and implement the best strategies at the RIGHT time for them so that they can create forward momentum towards their success.
Question: I’m really worried that by committing this means that I’m going to have to be on my phone 24-7...I’m totally burnt out on social and I just don’t think I have the bandwidth to do any more...
Answer: AH! I remember being so afraid of that too! I already felt like I was on my phone ALL the time and not getting anywhere the last thing I wanted was someone to tell me just to do MORE of what I was already doing. Don’t worry, that’s not what you’re going to get here. In fact we are VERY clear with you about setting boundaries around your phone time so that you can be the most productive in the least amount of time possible. Honestly, without even really realizing it we end up wasting a lot of time on this thing which burns us out...and because we’re always ON it, we have a hard time differentiating between productive time on there and wasted time. Don’t worry, we will help you sort that out and actually spend less time on your phone that you currently are most likely.
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